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the sun is the ultimate example of commitment to the bit

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a crocodile is just an alligator that looks like a pervert. that's how you tell the difference.

the mystery blizzards at the 38th St DQ are people

the boynich manuscript, the voynich manuscript for the fellas

wooly mammoth is indisputably a superior mascot compared to a bird

Gonna have to organize a search party. I just got a call from my village, turns out our idiot is missing

types of guy:

- guy who teleports sideways all the time
- guy who is capable of mitosis
- guy who teleports all the time and also throws balls of fog
- guy who hides in a bubble
- guy who fucks you over with physics
- guy who fucks you over with physics but faster and from longer range

With our brand new Gaming... Video Gaming will change Computer Gaming as You Know It..... after Video gets it hands on Gaming, the Computer you Once Knew will Gaming Will Never be the Same the Next Generation of Computer is going to change Forever as much as you Never Knew how Gaming Could Change before your Eyes your Gaming can Change ... and it just might Change Gaming... Forever

theres a dangerous new activity the kids are getting into. called Pez Dispenser

you dont have a duty to vote. you have a duty to resist. you have a duty to learn what effective resistance under prevailing conditions in your time and place looks like. might be electoral politics. might not. really hard to generalize.

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voting is like pedestrian right of ways. something that the perimeter of has to be vigorously and constantly patrolled to prevent rollback by antidemocratic oligarchic interests.

like, doing evil on an individual level is actually very hard, and if you speak to someone who actually has the power to help you, they almost always willl, because it's human nature to be compassionate, but the more people you distribute the responsibility of doing evil onto, and the more powerless you make each individual, the more likely it is that you'll succeed.

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abolitionist instance for the comrades. its a start.